EcoManager still broken? (can't turn off throttling)

Hey all,

I love EcoManager for the one-click mex upgrade and the tech number overlay, but I don't use the eco-balancing. My issue is, it seems the energy throttling can't be turned off anymore?

I deleted and re-downloaded the mod yesterday, and in the settings I turned off the throttling. Yet it still does it. The weird thing is, it seems to work as it should in Sandbox when I tested it alone. But in 1v1 ladder it throttles no matter the settings...

Thanks for any pointers.

you may want to try eco ui tools instead, you'll have to set it up in the ui mods tools options for it to work, but it's pretty close , with exception of no single click to upgrade, but assisting with engies will work same way, and you can just click unpause button to start the upgrade after selecting it if not doing it via engie.

or you can try this version with the ECO throttling and nuke overlays stripped out. it only does mex upgrades.

actually this one has EM with everything but the throttling is disabled

I tried out the last link there and it seems to work beautifully - thanks a lot Macdeffy!