Arty destroys building through operational shield.

Summary: Also see attached images and replay ID.

T3 power generator taking damage and being destroyed by Aeon T3 Arty whilst inside Seraphim shield coverage. Seraphim shield remains operational and is being assisted by hives throughout.

The primary shield I'm concerned about (to the right of the mex) does not break although some surrounding shields do. The t3 power generator is destroyed despite being inside an operational shield

I have used the build template for a long time. The shield to the immediate right of the mex completely covers both t3 artys and the linked t3 power generators. The t3 power generators do not poke through the top of the shield.

Sladow-noob suggested something to do with aeon arty having 2 impacts. This is not the first time I've seen this happen.

Watch replay #18522222 and incident occurs at almost exactly 26:40. I am the cyan player in the SMD position.

When you watch at -10 sim speed you see the arty shell hit the shield, cause about 10% damage to the t3 power generator and also some damage to the shield. The same shell, a moment later, then deals critical damage to the t3 power generator and more damage to the shield. The shield remains active and hives assist the shield but the power generator underneath is destroyed.

The images attached show just before and after the event.

Any help would be appreciated.


it's fairly simple,
Aeon t3 arty does 6000 damage twice about a second apart for a total of 12k damage, firing a shot every 20 seconds for 600 dps.

Your t3 reactor that explodes was not entire under the t3 shield indicated in your second screenshot, but is entirely under the t3 shield that is down in the first screenshot and up in the second.

The t2 shield covering the reactor - just to the left of the reactor - has less than 50% health in the first screenshot.

The shell impacts in a way that downs the t2 shield with the first 6k damage and then because the reactor is sticking out of the assisted t3 shield takes the second 6k damage. Because you are cybran it kills it, note any other factions reactor would have survived.

Equally AOE damage is sometimes transferred through shields to the units below them when they collapse/AOE just hits units under shields (partial why the Ahwassa is a beast). Which might have killed it instead. You'll need a better viewing angle to be certain.

Your second t3 sera shield comes back on to shield the now dead reactor.

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@freedom_ Thanks Freedom for a very detailed answer.

I think you're probably right but I can't see it. Every time I rebuild this layout, that northern t3 pgen is under the shield as indicated by both the shield radius on the UI and by just looking at the visual bubble coverage of the actual shield in-game. When I construct in sandbox and remove all the other buildings for simplicity the pgen building is completely under the shield.