Make a New Projectile

Trying to make a new Tactical Missile Launcher using the UEF Tac Launcher as the base.

I got the new unit working, but can't seem to create a new projectile. I need to modify the projectile, as I want to increase the build costs of the projectile.

Every time I path to the new projectile, the new Tac Missile unit won't build anything. I renamed all the files in the new projectile (like one does with a new unit) and also tried editing the script file for the projectile (tried with edited script and unedited).

What am I doing wrong?

Best to ask this in #modding-general, if you can't see that then give yourself the mod role in #role-selection. See also:

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How does one give themselves a mod role? There isn't any options for such in settings or profile.

the role selection channel

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