Hey! I am somewhat of a caster myself :P

Well i am not... or maybe i am, i am not sure really.

I like doing it in my free time so i will keep on doing it at non consistent rate, my YT channel is a mess anyway so might as well make some memes out of it.

My casting is somewhat boring but if boring suits you, you are more then welcome to watch my poorly managed videos.

That all being said you can suggest and advise how to improve my casting and i cant promise but i will do to best of my ability to oblige to any requests that i stumble upon.

You can post replay links as well!
(Please attach a sentence or two just to have some clue what to be prepared for in yours or someones else awesome replay 😛 )

Some of my "better" replays according to YouTube stats:
-SupremeCommander FAF Bolsonero Air "advice" lol [#001]

-SupCom commentary practice bananaWhale vs Explosive [#005]

-SupCom 2v1 commentary bananaWhale vs Cyb&Serra [#008]

As you can see i doing anything from gameplay improvements/instructions to normal commentary to meme games, almost anything goes. (With in reason ofc.)

My YouTube channel.

Thanks for your time and have fun.

Analyze, Adapt, Overcome...