Client froze during game. Client log has error 404.

Game crashed about 10 minutes in.

No relevant windows logs in event viewer. Client froze but sound was playing and graphics were still there. Was able to move mouse to other screen but not able to open anything.

The log contains a 404 that does not make sense to me. Was I disconnected at some point or did the last release I installed 2-3 days ago introduce a bug?

Thanks for your help.



Edit: Added Ice Adapter Log.

Edit 2: Fixed formatting.

Edit 3: Attached game log

You need to attach the game log as well, please.

@magge Its attached.

The issue happened again. This time a full disconnect to all players.

But pingplotter shows no packet loss. Given the timing of both drops, I'm starting to suspect an exploit or drop hack.

404 Not Found from GET can be safely ignored.

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Does it work without any mods?

Does it always crash when you share units?

info: Minimized true
warning: Error running sim lua callback function 'GiveUnitsToPlayer':
         Unexpected type for army object
         stack traceback:
         	[C]: in function `OkayToMessWithArmy'
         	...faforever\gamedata\gamedata\lua.nx2\lua\simutils.lua(569): in function `fn'
         	...rever\gamedata\gamedata\lua.nx2\lua\simcallbacks.lua(58): in function <...rever\gamedata\gamedata\lua.nx2\lua\simcallbacks.lua:55>

Also, #quality of performance 2022 and simspeed++ are deprecated, and you can remove them anyway.

@magge The crash happened without me giving any units to another player.

No mods are enabled. No lobby mods are installed (I view many of the mods such as target priorities as cheats).

I have shared units for years, this crash began yesterday. I installed the new FAF version 3-4 days ago now. Some of the disconnects are pretty convenient timing which leads me to suspect but as of yet have no proof.

There is also nothing in the windows logs that would indicate some sort of problem.

That is odd - Can you reproduce the crash every time when you do action xyz?

By installing the old version again, does the issue go away?

If there are still issues, I would do an uninstallation/clean up for leftover files and do a fresh installation of FAF and Supreme Commander.

@magge My discord and I have been thinking about off an on and so far we can think of no discerning trigger. However a possibility arose from another game having disconnect issues in that the USA back tier internet may be having some issues. Routing through Chicago and Denver specifically appear to be affected. And as I have no other ISP than mediacom in the midwest, I route through Chicago.

I wouldn't say this thread is closed by the crash didn't occur yesterday so I'm starting to lean more towards a one-off. It would still be nice to have more useful logging about when a disconnect occurs though.