Acu onto T2 trans

I've had a lot of instances lately when I've needed to get my ACU onto a t2 transport but a lot of the time the transport doesn't go to the ACU and instead the ACU walks to the Transport. I just did some more testing and this seems to be the case 30-50% of the time, nothing I can do seems to consistantly get the transport to go to the ACU. is it just me? is there a better way to get the acu onto the transport?

It has to be in an open field. If your ACU is in between buildings, it'll walk towards the transport. If you're on open field, it'll just walk slightly until hitting an even ground to get into the transport. That behavious prevents the ACU being stuck on a cliff or dropping onto edges causing it to instantly die.
The fact that transports are a bitch when it comes to dropping however is a spread knowledge, you can look for my older post to hear the known problems.

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