Games and experience do not count

I've been playing for some time, played 20-30 games in vanilla mode, none of them counted in the global game counter and rating.
Profile from 2019, then I played once and since then I have counted one game.
I read the rules under which the games count, it seems to me that I follow them.
I also played with a friend in a team, these games counted for him, but not for me.

If you look up the game in the replay vault it should tell you the reason for why it was unranked.

Setons games have unknown results + some of them have cheats enabled.
Astro crater is unranked.
Thermo is unranked.
DG was typical NOC host(read unrated by host).

great, I saw where to look. Now it's clearer.
@CasterNumeroUno thx