Unable to login - connection timed out

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, Alex here and I have a recurring issue.

After a fresh install two days ago of FAF(client) & SupremeC(Steam) now I'm greated again with this weird loggin issue for some reason.
Is somehow possible that my login token is being tampered with?
Could be my antivirus is deleting some critical files?
Let me know if any of you FaFers have any ideea about this and how one might fix it.
I'll post a screenshot and the logs here in the hope that someone can sheed some light. I can't figure it out, cheers.

Thank you!
#below .txt file of the error logs
Login error.PNG FAF login error.txt

Hey Alex, try these things first:

@magge said in Solutions for common errors with the FAF client launcher or supreme commander:


Something is blocking the client to have access to the internet, or you have a very unstable connection.

Check if your internet connection is stable
Check if firewall is blocking the access
Disable security software for testing purpose
Try a VPN from a different country

Thank you Magge for the quick reply, indeed it was my antivirus, forgot that it manages the firewall also.
It works for now so again, thank you.