2v2 ACU/SACU Tournament idea

I don't have the time or Money to put this on so I did want to put it out there for discussion on the idea and feasibility.

So it's a typical 2v2 with shared armies except with one ACU and 1 SACU. If the acu dies game over but if the SACU dies that player can't issue commands anymore.

There is a concern of the SACU having t3 from the start but I think it would work out since you don't have the economy for t2 t3 at the start. Could make a mod that SACUs have to upgrade to get t2/t3.

My other concern is when the SACU dies there might have to be a mod so that player can't issue commands anymore.

Would also have to ban building a nonpreset SACU but that's easy.

Let me know what you think.