timeout issues since 2022-09-25


Since yesterday afternoon (UTC) or so I am having issues with the FAF client. Sometimes it times out just when trying to log in


;just now I got a message saying


for example; when trying to join a game it often takes tens of seconds before the game actually launches (and even then connection facilitation might not work) - or it might time out once again with


(looks like an error message translation is missing within the FAF client).

Are there any known issues on FAF's side? I asked around in-game yesterday and there were others confirming these issues (but I could not find anything on Discord or here in the forum).



Oh no, looks like this is some sort of weird issue with my ISP (Virgin Media in the UK). If I use a VPN all these problems vanish (and immediately come back again if I don't use the VPN). I also noticed other issues during my regular work today as suddenly certain SSH connections would get a connection timeout as well.


Getting the same since yesterday - Virgin Media too (Northern Ireland) 😞


I had a Virgin Media technician come to my home and I showed him the issues. We even confirmed that it must be related to the Virgin Media internet connection by showing that everything was fine when using a WiFi hotspot via mobile (I was able to reproduce the issue elsewhere too). He changed my Hub to the new Hub 5 instead of the previous Hub 4 and improved my coax connection signal generally, but that did not fix it. He escalated it then to the next level.

Today they seem to have finally resolved it. @HavikAdama how about you?


@Spooky__ if they come back with any definitive reason as to what caused it let me know. As it would be good to know since this issue happens for other people as well.


I'm still having issues - it did get better (less errors just) for a day or so, but the last couple of days seem to be back to the new normal of hardly being able to launch/join much.