Help with modelling and unit files


Hi I wanted to make a new t3 missile cruiser for UEF, and it seemed like a fun challenge to learn blender.
Working from the vanilla UEF t2 cruiser's model and slicing up other ingame models, I created my new ship and the relevant bp and script files. I haven't done the textures yet.

There are two issues;

  1. The ship's mesh is appearing below the water while some of the weapon's firing effects seem to be at the proper height/location

  2. One of the weapons I added to the ship just isn't firing and the spinner isn't spinning. I double checked the bones, vertex group, .bp and .script files and I can't figure it out

Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks for your time

You're better off asking this in #modding-general, after giving yourself the modder role in #role-selection on the official discord. It is quite active there.

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