I own the game but it doesn't work

So i'm trying to link my steam account but i still get this annoying "Error You do not own Forged Alliance on Steam or your profile is private. Please set your games list temporarily to public."

I've set my profil like it ask, i own the game, i don't understand what i'm missing now :/.

If someone could help it'll be really helpful.

This commonly occurs when someone doesn't actually own the game. They have it in their library through "family sharing" but they don't personally own it.

I recommend you follow the steps outlined here. If you try everything there and still have issues, please give additional details.

pfp credit to gieb

bf49c40f-3c0e-4541-8d64-fa57d81e7035-image.png make sure the your steam profile looks like this when setting to public

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