Unlink steam/gog account

Hello, I accidentally linked steam account to this faf profile. This profile already has a gog link. I wanted to make a new account for mine friend and link it to steam account, but in a process of registering new account I got logged on to this profile and accidentally linked steam to this profile. Can anyone help me to unlink either steam or gog from this profile

Forgive me for my stupidity I just don't want to buy another copy of sc

once the account has been linked you cant link it to another account

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Is there really no way to do this? Why?

To prevent malicious attempts. Hell will be unleashed when people can unlink and link their GOG or Steam ID to create new random accounts. Does this really needs an explanation?!

It is not possible to unlink. You need to spend ~$2 to get a new copy for your friend.

Well it is technically possible, it would just require a server admin to go and do it manually. But once you let one person get away with it everybody has a reason for it and it’s not really a server admin responsibility to have to handle this stuff in the first place.

For the sake of everyone minimizing their headache with administrative overhead, better to just have a blanket ban on unlinking accounts.

Is there a reason to actually link both steam and GOG?
Or could that be disabled? So you could only link one of those to your FAF account.