Game crashes after about 45 minutes in

I was playing a game with my friend and after about 45 minutes in i crashed, he didn't, we were playing seton's clutch map against 4 aix, two times in a row. Im attaching logs from both games.game_17618121.log game_17618641.log

PC Specs
AMD Ryzen 3600
16 gb RAM

Hi @Ghosteu

There are sound errors in the log:

warning: Unknown DirectSound speaker configuration 8. Defaulting to Stereo.
warning: SND: XACT3DApply failed.
         Invalid arg

To fix this, please follow this guide:

If your game don't crash but freeze (sim stops, but UI is still working)
Please try a game and don't let the AI play the UEF faction.

[Edit] Only if the game freeze, try/test the AI-Uveso mod (there you can also use the UEF faction for AI)