Map version made unranked

I made a change on the map, uploaded it and played for some time untill admins made it unranked. I guess this was done because I don't have a permission from author or some shit. I believe map author of original map is Robustness as it says in desc. I could not find him online or even such user registered here on forum.

My question is what I must do in order to make my map version ranked?

Map name is Dualgap Adaptive Pass.

It's against the rules to upload " content you don't have permission to upload." That includes taking a map someone else made, modifying it a bit, and uploading it as your own map, without their permission. Robustness is on the FAF Discord, but I wouldn't expect him to give you permission for this. If you want to make a new map, I suggest you try making one from scratch.

pfp credit to gieb

@penguin_ It didn't let me to upload it as another version of his map due to the same reason, so I had to change name. So what I can do?

I can create map from scratch, but it will look the same as this one, does it make sense? Thx for finding author for me, I'll ask him.

OK this topic can be closed