Experimentals variations?


So I played some games with a friend today and it seems the AI (Sorian AI) made variations of experimentals, with different names. And quite OP ones. Like a Monkeylord with 100 000 HP...
At the same time it doesn't seem we were able to do the same.

Is this a new feature, a bug, or even a mod inadvertently enabled? I didn't see any topic on this, or did I miss something? I am like 9000% certain it's new and didn't happen before.


Sound like you played heavily modded game.

Well, I can't see how... Here is my lobby as it was (exactly as it was) : I see no mod enabled (and I didn't enable any in the in-game lobby either and there is literally nothing in UI mods). Is it a FAF Client bug? I played vanilla maps too, and the (I suppose) bug persisted.