unhandled exception message

My game keeps crashing around the 20-minute mark almost every game now I've got the ice log and the game log if someone can help.



I only see a client log and the ice-adapter log. Those won't help.

I don't see the game log there. The game log is what should have info on what went wrong.

Game logs look like "game_17512345.log"

game_17552674.log i hope this help sorry about that

warning: Unknown DirectSound speaker configuration 8
Warning: SND: XACT3DApply failed.
         Invalid arg

Probably sound related https://forum.faforever.com/topic/4084/solutions-for-snd-error-xact-invalid-arg-xact3dapply-failed

a winsock reset solved my unhandled exception problems and random lobby crashes and disconnects.
see https://adamtheautomator.com/netsh-winsock-reset/ for detailed info
in short: netsh winsock reset