Make the ion storm selectable as a 'neutral' unit and give it a veterancy bar

I thought that especially for casting replays but even in game, it would be fun to be able to track how much damage the ion storm does after the Ythotha dies.

If it is the neutral faction (or would it need to be hostile even?) then it could be made selectable but still not controllable or able to be ctrl-k'd, total mass shown would end up being the damage to all player's units.

don't wanna think to much about it, but just want to point out that not all maps have neutral army, so maybe still have ion storm belong to the player but not let to control it and make it selectable

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After some mucking around trying to get the ion storm to switch to enemy civilian control when it spawns, I got a working version using patrol commands to prevent it being moved under player control 🙂

This does change the behaviour slightly so it will tend to stay in one place if it is actively hitting one target. Mod is in the vault 'Othuy Mass Killed' with veterancy set to same values as Ythotha. This is necessarily a Sim mod because of the unit blueprint charge although it doesn't really change balance at all.


I like the idea, it is a nice touch. I'll see what I can do

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

And tadaaa:

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Nice, simpler solution avoiding any potential consequences from player-controlled storms !

I take no responsibility for any sudden increase of chickens suiciding into armies or bases by players trying to get the highest value on their storms 🙂