Since Server Maintenance

Since server maintenance saturday when i am in game lobby all my mods and some maps do not show,i have to manually highlight all my mods before every game and i cannot manually start mods in ladder matches,is this a problem my end or is the server still not functional?it was all automatic before.

We didn't change anything on Saturday

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are you using python client?

Thx Brutus5000 i try mods reinstall see if that does anything,it's just weird that i cant use mods in ladder and have and have to start them at he start of every team game,will keep you posted.The Wheelie no downlord client only.

i think the map and mod folders link has moved,i still have all the mods and the maps but they are in a different place.Does faf and steam store them in different places?

i have sorted the problem for some bizzare reason i found my mods and maps in thispc/documents/mygames/gaspowerdgames/supremecommanderforgedalliance,But when i went to map folder on downloard client it took me to thispc/localdisk(c:)/programdata/faforever/user/mygames/gaspoweredgames/supremecommanderforgedalliance so why this happend is beyond me but mystery over.

NoobDragon this is the vault location that faf uses as many users have issues with the client trying to access their documents folder

thx sheikah but i did not know this at the time ,all i knew was one moment i had mods and loads of maps next thing i did not,but all well now i have both and i am happy:)))).