Bug - Cybran Mission 5 Optional Objective

Hi FAF community,

I recently encountered a bug while playing Cybran Mission 5, Unlock. Towards the end of the mission, there is an optional objective to capture an air staging facility in the bottom-right, where doing so will prevent the enemy from using gunships any longer. Upon capturing a facility, the game plays a voice line, and then time stops. It is as if the game speed is set to 0; the game can still be interacted with, but the game no longer continues playing afterward.

Additionally, after attempting to exit the game, it freezes with a black screen and had to be force-closed. Not sure if that's related or not.

Some game info is below, listing the mods enabled, and I have the game's log file included after that. I'm not seeing a relevant log line, unfortunately.


Thanks in advance!

@chaos_farseer must be rks explosions causing errors, clearly see it. @Jip can we do something about it, or mod should be fixed instead?

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