Can't connect or host game

I installed FAF on my new window 10 gaming pc. I can see the lobby, but can't join game. I turned off antivirus and firewall. Hope someone can help me. Thanks.

I hope someone can give some info too. I cannot create a game either, but I also don't get any games showing in the play tab at all. Also the map tab in vault says page not found. Everything else works just fine, I can use the chat function and installed the latest stable update too. Just no games show and trying to create one says "connecting to update server" but just stays like that, the loading bar doesn't do anything, but it doesn't freeze either, just doesn't load.

Could you provide ice adapter logs and advanced ice adapter logs after turning on the setting in the client


@Artorius are you using the newest client? Are you still using the legacy client? Download newest client from website if you are not sure if you have the newest one...