FAForever Map Editor | ACUs/Units not spawning

Hey, I had an issue while making custom scenarios on Seton's Clutch and other FA Maps.

The issue I encountered was at the Unit/Structure Allocation part. As units require to be in groupings, I deduced that when Player X's INITIAL Group has no units, it lets an ACU spawn. However if I modify this initial group and add, let's say a Cybran Monkeylord. Only the Monkeylord Spawns and the ACU doesn't spawn.

Now if I set the Initial group to contain 0 units and create another group for Player X that has the Monkeylord, then the ACU will Spawn and the Monkeylord won't. I tried adding a structure to the group too and saw that the model of the structure doesn't load (also the entity of the pgen doesn't spawn i.e 0 energy generated), however the floor decal loads.

I'll break it down into cases

Case A :
Player X Initial Group = Empty
Player X Group 0 = 1* Monkeylord/1* T3 Pgen
Result : ACU Spawns, Monkeylord/1* T3 Pgen doesn't

Case B :
Player X Initial Group = 1Monkeylord /1 T3 Pgen
Player X Group 0 = Empty
Result : ACU doesn't spawn, Monkeylord/1* T3 Pgen spawns

Case C :
Player X Initial Group = Empty
Player X Initial Group Extension Group 0 = 1Monkeylord/1 T3 Pgen
Result : ACU doesn't spawn, Monkeylord/1* T3 Pgen spawns

What I'm trying to do is spawn Player X with his ACU (faction must be user selected in lobby), 3* T3 UEF Engi and 1* UEF T3 Pgen(lets assume seton's is UEF territory and the ACU has it claimed as the map starts),


I cannot make the units Civillian because claiming that T3 Pgen takes a huge amount of energy and the process is really slow, like 1% every 4-5 seconds

Looking at the code, for each army, the game tries to create 'INITIAL' group. If the group exists, that's what you get. If it doesn't exists or is empty, then the ACU is spawned.

Any other group has to be spawned by map script.