Game versions 3736 - 3737

Game versions are sky rocketing - get yours now before they get more expensive! There are two primary introductions in the last two patches: an engine patch, and the new mass fabricator behavior.

You can discuss the fabricator behavior in this forum topic:

You can find the full changelog in the second post of this topic.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Game version 3737 (15th of May, 2022)

### Features

 - (Engine patch) Introduction of alternative profiling function for better accuracy (ff630c8)

 - (Engine patch) Maximum game speed is set to +50 (adc06ef5)
    Note that the interface (for replays, for example) has not been adjusted yet. Usually anything
    above +10 is only applicable in the first few minutes of the game.

 - Add button to lobby to access patch notes (#3842)
    Another contribution of Rowey: introduces a button in the lobby to access the patch notes.

 - Add Cloak Enhancement restriction option (#3844)
    Allows the host to restrict the cloak enhancement of the Cybran ACU / SACU.

 - Add proper recursive logging (#3861, #3869) 
    Introduces the functions 'reprs' and 'reprsl'. They are abbreviations for 'Recursive printing safe' and
    'Recursive printing safe to log'. It introduces an alternative to 'repr' which can get stuck in a recursive
    loop when trying to stringify units, projectiles, weapons and / or props. The old repr functions is available
    as 'repru', which is an abbreviation for 'Recursive printing unsafe'. The function 'repr' refers to 'reprs'.

### Bug fixes

 - (Engine patch) Disable mesh rendering for minimap (#7)

 - (Engine patch) Fix a crash when restarting a map with a Salem (#6)

 - (Engine patch) Fix a crash when air units have a collision of 'None' (1b17fe7)

 - (Engine patch) Excludes negative income and problems from this (1b17fe7)
    The problem in question is complicated and happens in every game, but it noticeable when it
    happens to a commander. The negative income causes the commander to not be 'fully built', and that causes
    a player to lose the game. This could happen when the commander was being repaired.

 - (Engine patch) Fix a crash when the mouse is pointing towards the sky, away from the terrain (3bf0ba5)

 - Fix mass fabricator behavior for multiplayer (#3852)
    Fixes an issue where the new fabricators could seriously hamper the performance of the game

 - Fix reclaim effects (#3865) 
    Fixes an issue where the beam glitches out when reclaiming a unit

 - Fix destruction sound of units being played twice (#3868)
    Was especially noticeable on the Spiderbot

### Performance

 - (Engine patch) Improve performance of common table operations (ff630c8, da692d3)

 - Optimize abstract projectile classes (#3847, #3855, #3866, #3867)
    Further reduces the load on the CPU when projectiles are taking part in the simulation

 - Clean up defaultunits.lua (#3806) 
    Improves documentation, while removing engine calls, empty functions and duplicated code

### Other 

 - Fix coloring of lobby buttons (#3846) 
    Rowey has keen eyes - fixes a few textures having the wrong colors when in the lobby when
    you select the UEF faction

 - Minor autobalance-related improvements (#3849)
    Prevents a no-op swap where a player is switched with him / herself

 - Fix two UI layout functions (#3848)
    Fixes the UI functions 'OffsetIn' and 'PercentIn' of LayoutHelpers.lua

 - Announce game full on slot closure (#3862)
    Enables the game full announcement to happen when you close slots

### Contributors

 - Strogo (#7, #6)
 - KionX (1b17fe7, ff630c8, 3bf0ba5, 564ff89, adc06ef5)
 - Rowey (#3842, #3846, #3844)
 - Jip (#3847, #3855, #3866, #3867, #3865,
        #3868, #3861, #3869)
 - 4z0t (#3852, #3848)
 - Penguin (#3849, #3862)

Game version 3736 (6th of May, 2022)

### Features

 - Introduction of automated fabricator behavior (#3813, #3814, #3822, #3838, #3840)
    Automates the fabricators depending on your energy storage and energy trend:
     - Less than 90% storage: fabricators are turned off, one by one until the storage is full again.
     - Full storage and more than 100 energy income: fabricators are turned on, as long as the conditions are met

    There is no particular order in enabling and disabling the fabricators. Only one fabricator is enabled or disabled 
    at any moment. This is an intended limitation to encourage the construction of one tech 3 fabricator over 
    16 tech 2 fabricators.

    The fabricators production toggle enables or disables the automated behavior of fabricators. When toggled off both 
    the behavior and the production is removed. When toggled on the behavior is enabled again but does not follow suite: 
    the fabricator will be enabled over time assuming that you meet its conditions: full storage and  more than 
    100 energy income.

    This feature is experimental and may be removed again in the future. Please use the Discord channels and the forums to 
    provide feedback on this feature. Note that the feature is not intended to play the game for you - it should therefore 
    not always make an optimal choice. As an example, if you want certain fabricators enabled but they remain off then you 
    should build more power to sustain all fabricators or disable other fabricators manually.

 - Allow the cheat window to spawn multiple units at once (#3825)

 - Re-implement the changelog dialog (#3833)
    Adapts the changelog into one that is more versatile. It puts an emphasis on the amount of work that has been done in 
    the past, can be dismissed by pressing escape, highlights the lines that you're hovering over and has a button with a 
    link to the more user-friendly version of balance patches.

### Bug fixes

 - Fix UI issue with some co-op maps (#3816)
    Fixes the playable area not being set for various co-op maps

 - Fix invulnerable Continentals (#3830)
    Continentals could end up being invulnerable, making the ideal ghetto gunship. This was damaging to the game balance 
    and therefore corrected.

 - Fix rendering issues with the minimap (#3834)

 - Fix behavior when kicking observers (#3836)
    Removes the 'offset' that was introduced by 3732 and a host can no longer eject him/herself.

### Performance

 - Improve performance of entity allocations (#3824)

 - Re-introduce input delay when there is one or fewer players (#3837)
    Six years ago the input delay was removed when a single player game was detected. This would allow your units to respond 
    immediately. This brought in some serious side effects such as a (massive) loss of performance over the duration of a 
    game. Particular players playing against AI may notice a significant speed up and more stable performance.

### Other 

 - Remove deprecation warnings (#3827)
    The deprecation warnings ended up being confusion to map and mod makers alike. They are removed until a better 
    alternative is available.

 - Update description of fabricators (#3817)
    We have been rewarded by another contribution from Rowey - an event unlike any other. We're blessed to have him with us.

### Contributors

 - 4z0t (#3816)
 - Rowey (#3817)
 - Strogo (#3834)
 - Penguin (#3836)
 - Jip  (#3813, #3814, #3822, #3838, #3840,
        (#3825, #3827, #3824, #3826, #3822,
         #3833, #3830)

With thanks to speed2 for reporting some of the issues through Github.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

novax stops shooting after the selected target is destroyed, it also stops shooting at the ground if there are no targets in the vicinity, and the shot has not yet finished