Refafing makes FAF lobby quit

Hello everyone,

I am currently moving to a new appartment and for that reason I am playing with my 4G which is a bit unstable before getting my internet box.

What happens sometimes is that the connection drops but for like 5s before coming back up. Sometimes I can manually refaf and it fixes the issue. However I noticed that sometimes, refafing just makes FAF software quit. Of course when it happens there is no hope to get the conn back.

Why is that happening? Is that a bug?

Thanks a lot.

Sometimes the process is still running, even after you closed the application. Best to take out the process too, or you can not restart the client.

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Hello. Thanks for the answer.

The issue is that if I kill the process, I will lose connection to the game for sure. My point was that refafing can make FAF quit and if it happens, for sure, I will not be able to get the connection back.

Thanks a lot.