Server Update 2022-05-03

The next server update has been scheduled for the 2022-05-03 betwen 1:00 - 2:00 UTC.

What is Planned:

  • Update lobby server to 1.12.1
    This server update notably introduces a penalty for failed connections during matchmaking. Players who fail to connect will have a penalty applied where they cannot match for a period of time depending on the failure number. This is to hopefully incentivize people to not leave during setup of the game and increase the number of launched games. More details can be found at
  • Deploy the new rust based replay server
  • Update the nixos configuration
  • Update the user service
  • Update ory hydra
  • Update rabbitmq
  • Update the database to properly record update times for maps and mods
  • Fix logging for the core services
  • Update the nginx content server

Server update has been completed

Please report any new issues that you notice with the matchmaker or rating system!

You can report bugs here on the forums or in the dedicate bug reporting channels on discord.