Live replay "premature EOF" error

Is anyone else getting a "Premature EOF" error from the game when trying to watch live replays? I've been getting this error lately, and as replay server dev I'm curious to know whether it's a more widespread issue.

Some preliminary tests suggest it might be some invalid unicode fun. There's a clan with a tag J<invalid unicode character>p, can someone from there confirm if they're having trouble with their clanmates' live replays?

@mazornoob I just got this error in the game Inspektor_Kot VS silentNoob (16949778)
And for some reason lots of replays are not available (including this)

I know, mea culpa. Last server update turned on my rewrite of the replay server and it's not working too well. I'll fix it and in the meantime I'll ask our server guys to revert to the previous version.