Smart Tactical Missiles V21 for all game versions

This is Smart Tactical Missiles version 21 for all Supreme Commander game versions. Tested with (vanilla)1.5.3599, (steam)1.6.6, (FAF)1.5.3652+, Nomads.
This mod supports Nomads.

Smart Tactical Missiles <for all gameversions> v21
DownloadSize: 60 KB, Unpacked: 68 KB

Author: Uveso

How to install:

UnZip the archive.

Copy the "SmartTacticalMissiles" folder from the Zip archive to:

C:\...User...\My Games\Gas Powered games\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance\Mods\

The right Filepath to the file "mod_info.lua" should be then:

C:\...User...\My Games\Gas Powered games\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance\Mods\SmartTacticalMissiles\mod_info.lua

Start the game, and activate inside the modmanger "Smart Tactical Missiles".

This Mod modifies the following 5 buildings:

UEF Buildings:
UEF - TECH2 - LAND : Aloha - (Tactical Missile Launcher)

CYBRAN Buildings:
CYBRAN - TECH2 - LAND : TML-4 - (Tactical Missile Launcher)

AEON Buildings:
AEON - TECH2 - LAND : Serpentine - (Tactical Missile Launcher)

SERAPHIM Buildings:
SERAPHIM - TECH2 - LAND : Ythis - (Tactical Missile Launcher)

NOMADS Buildings:
NOMADS - TECH2 - LAND : Bowcaster - (Tactical Missile Launcher)

Tactical missile launcher shows how many missiles are left and focussed target:
"Com" = Commander
"Exp" = Experimental. Attack order: highes maxunithealth. (not actual healthbar!)
"Hea" = Heavy Assault. (small experimentals from Total Mayhem, Experimental Wars etc.)
"Art" = Mobile T3 Unit with indirect Fire and only if the unit don't move. (Artillery / Missilelauncher)
"Bui" = T1,T2,T3 Structures. Attack order: nearest completed building.
"Eng" = Engineer (fire only on not moving units)
"Mob" = Mobile (fire only on not moving units)

The missile launcher always will hold back one missile for the player.
If the launcher has more then 1 missile, it will aim and fire at Commander, Experimentals and Heavy Assaults.
With almost full silo (maximal load -2) the launcher will start to fire on buildings and mobile units if they don't move.

This mod is NOT using homing missiles. Its using the normal tactical missile launcher with a "lead target" function.
(Shooting ahead of a moving target so that the target and projectile will collide.)

It will also take into account if the target is protected by an anti missile system.
(It will not shoot in this case; there is no overwhelm function because each launcher has its separate AI)

Update 16.Jun.2019 (v21)
-Fixed unitnames to match the latest nomads version.

Update01.Feb.2019 (v20)

  • Missiles launcher no longer attacks underwater targets.

Update 14.Jun.2018 (v19)

  • Changed WaitSecond to WaitTicks commands for better accuracy.

Update 19.Jun.2017 (v18)

  • Added function to detect if a target is protected by a tactical anti missile system.
  • Reworked and optimized LeadTarget function
  • Missiles now also hit units with a hitbox above the ground like Mokeylord or Megalith

Update 26.Apr.2017 (v17)

  • Unit INB2208 (Nomads Launcher); Added Script for smart AI.
  • Unit UAB2108 (Aeon Launcher); Moved AI initializing script from OnCreate to OnStopBeingBuilt function.

Update 04.Sep.2016 (v16)
-Changed the value for maximal Missiles for the launcher from a fixed value to blueprint values.
This will fix an issue with the balance patch 3658.