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According to the idea, solutions to your problems should be collected here, lets see how it will go.

Firstly, check these endpoints and compare the expected results:

if some page is unavailable, or returned a different result, you should check your connection for restrictions because you cant access this endpoints = client dont have to them either

Turn off antiviruses, firewall, check router/wifi restrictions...

Secondly, check localhost for availability

  1. Win+R
  2. Write "cmd" and press enter
  3. Write "ping localhost" and press enter

Result: lost packets should equal 0


if there is packet loss, then your localhost have been blocked.

  1. You setup it like this
  2. Computer politic
  3. Firewall settings

by Marc-Spector

Solutions: from forum

  1. Turn off VPN for browser
  2. Turn off or select another country for desktop VPN/proxy
  3. Install and test old client GitHub sources:
  4. Install and test version not older than 2021.10 of official client GitHub sources: