Suddenly crashed

The game suddenly crashed about 7.30 min.
stack traceback:
...rever\gamedata\lua.nx2\lua\ui\controls\worldview.lua(1121): in function <...rever\gamedata\lua.nx2\lua\ui\controls\worldview.lua:1074>
warning: Error running HandleEvent script in CScriptObject at 21638700: ...rever\gamedata\lua.nx2\lua\ui\controls\worldview.lua(1121): attempt to call method `GetArmy' (a nil value)

Any ideas?

attempt to call method `GetArmy' (a nil value)

If it happens only once, it does not matter. I saw the error a few times randomly popping up, but it is very rare.

Or does it happen regularly for you?

If it happens more often, you should try disable the mod which uses "AddNearestIdleEngineersSeq" to see if it fixes it. I guess it is the 'get the nearest engineer to reclaim mod'

If it was a crash-to-desktop then you can try and attach the debugger:

If you do not have Discord, here's a screenshot of the post:

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