Couple queries; arranging icons on the hotbar & mouse-over display name

Greetings all. I have started focusing on my UI & hotkeys, and run into a couple issues preventing me from calling it perfect. First is the order of units. For example, all three T2 UEF factories have their units in order as appearing on the hotbar; F, G, H, J, K, L. When I reach T3, it gets messy. Like land would be Y, U, P, O, I. Then air is I, Y, U, O, P. Is it possible to simply move the position of icons on the hotbar, or do I need to find the appropriate lua and figure out how to change the unit combinations? (I'm using the default provided menu of 'additional hotkeys'.)

Second, would be it possible to add text to the factory hotbar that permanently displays a unit name without mousing over it? As I practice to both learn my hotkeys and get faster, I'm struggling with the icons. A quick glance could be tank, arty, or aa. Any info is appreciated.