coop campain local hang on cinematic

Hello. I started campain Operation Tha-Atha-Aez from FAF Client one time, then to be able make savegames I play it locally from skirmish menu with comand
C:\ProgramData\FAForever\bin\ForgedAlliance.exe /init init_coop.lua

when I load savegame (from skirmish match) all is fine until next cutscene with mission objectives - after the briefing, the scene does not change and the video shows only one first location with advancing enemies, video doesn't end 😞
If this error cannot be fixed maybe there is a way to disable movies? or console command to stop it.
my savegame

logs log.err.log

The load / save mechanic of the game has been broken for a while in FAF. That you managed to load is a miracle already 🙂 . Does the issue also occur when you get to that part of the mission without loading / saving?

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without loading savegame cutscenes work well.
How do you test missions then ?
can i somehow disable cinematic in savegame? (tryed to turn them off in the campaign lua script but it seems that these scripts are already included in savegame)