Long Time Player (2007) with account/e-mail issues. !!!

Hey guys, Well where do I start, I started off playing SupCom back in 2007 on a Pentium4 3.0Ghz i think on GPG.NET. I forgot what my username was back then but i think it was PictPower or something like that. I might have had more than one account due to a Hard drive crash and loss of subsequent account information. Fast forward a few years and I built a quad core Q6600 rig with HD4870 back in 2000 and something. I think GPG was still alive but we were soon forced to shift to FAF under the leadership of ZePilot. I don't recall my account information from that time but it might have been Celtic Power or CelticSoul. I think that account got banned due to a particularly aggressive moderator but hey we all have our bad days right ? So I was reinstated eventually after a month or two i think but then my computer blew up and once again i lost all my data. Not just FAF but movies , saved games etc.. So were was i ? Well I eventually repaired my PC and came back as DarkMatter2019 I think but by then we had new rules and we had shifted from FAF to DarkLords client.. By now i didn't know what was going on and had been away from home contracting out in Holland. I'm from Scotland btw. So i travel a lot for work and can miss a lot of goings on. So my Quad core was running up to about 2 years ago or is it 3 now and i was playing under the DarkMatter account. I don't think i was playing under an account linked with steam but last night i tried and it said i have already linked an account to steam called DarkMatter2015 .. Hmm sooo. I thought it was Darkmatter2019. Just goes to show memory diminishes with time. I cant even remember my BO anymore šŸ˜ž Anyway I got a new laptop this week. Its nice a Helios 300 with a 2060 so i can now maybe take part in the larger 8x8 games or maybe even 16x16 but i cant seem to set up my account anymore. I know , I know.. Security.. but its got to the point that i cant figure out what i need to do to clear my account or to reset my passwords etc and need your help to do so. Ive been playing online since 2007 so whats that 13 years but its got to the point that im unable to remember what e-mail was with what account and even if i could i doubt i can log into that e-mail anymore. So what do we do ? Do i have to buy another copy on steam or ? I originally bought SC then i bought SC/FA Pack as it was same price as SC alone and then i got it on steam anyway. The dog ate the original SC but i still have SC/FA in the attic somewhere but i'm working down in England currently so am reliant on using my Steam library. Id dearly like to play SC/FA again as its been at least a couple of years since i've played and what with the Covid etc and work and winter approaching its would be a nice way to spent my free time. So.. Can a helpful Moderator please contact me. I warn you , and I know, but i have had more than one account over the years. Not all at the same time and they have usually had 1000's of games played on each account but ive played for so long thats to be expected !!! Ideally i need my account details restored manually and possibly my e-mail account updated if i can no longer access it. Yea right your thinking šŸ˜• I don't know how we can recover my account otherwise and if i cant recover it how do I set up a new account if Steam is linked to an old account i can no longer access ? Do i delete the game from steam and buy a new copy and then set up another user on FAF ? But that's against the Code of Conduct as TAC used to say šŸ™‚ Yea. So how do we sort this out. !!!!

Case 2b sounds like what you need.

And dude: this unfocused huge wall of text mixing up dozens of things doesn't help supporting you. Supporters are short on time and want straight facts.

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