Template for reporting errors


it would be much better if the people who have problems with the client need to follow a certain very basic template, otherwise their topic should be removed, with a friendly reminder.

They are just spamming - in best case scenario - their crash dump without any formatting/context or information about the system. They do not tell us what they have already tried to solve it, so we can all increase our post counter with asking the same basic questions which should be already answered in the first place.

Furthermore, they spend zero effort into it and expect we have the all solving magic glass ball ready for them.

I would like to see that the process is more fluent, so the mods and community can help them faster and with high value answers.

Some ideas to brainstorm -


  1. I have read the FAQ about common solutions: Yes/No
  2. Game Version:
  3. Windows Version:
  4. Which security software:
  5. Game reinstalled?: Yes/No
  6. FAF reinstalled?: Yes/No
  7. If error caused by Mod/Map ā†’ reinstalled?
  8. What have you tried to solve the problem so far?

Attach the log via https://pastebin.com/ and share the link.

There should also be more FAQ posts about common errors or error causes same as there is a FAQ post about the steamlink token expirations.

And yet nobody seems to read it (but we'll never know)

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Just use Google forms ez