Game crashing/freezing everytime

at this moment i cant play FaF anymore. My Game is always crashing/freezing randomely in the first 20 min. I tryd so many things. I tryed playing with Sound on Stereo bcs that was an issue in the past. I tryd changing the compapility to Windows Vista Service pack 2. I installed the 4GB Patcher that my game isnt running out of memory but nothing helped.
I have to mention that in the Past i always had 20 Data in game to every Player but in the last days i never reached over 7 or so. I installed FaF again and the Game itself but still no change. My PC is rather new with a GTX 3070. Pls help me.

info: Client version: 2022.1.0-alpha-2
info: Game version: 3731
info: Game type: faf

You can learn how to attach the debugger here:

Please do so - and report back with the full logs. You can upload them to to prevent cluttering your post.

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