PC Problems

Listen, first and foremost, any PC player should be supporting one another; even if you aren't having these troubles, you should still up-vote to assist us.

The game's performance plummets after 1-3 hours of play, and the races resemble the Matrix movie, with slow motion for no apparent reason and significant frame rate drops. It almost makes me believe it's a strange memory leak or a bad port.




RAM: 32 GB


Do you have access to the Supreme Commanders source code?

Your CPU is simply to slow to run the game at full speed. And considering that the game can only use single core for the simulation thread all you can do is try to OC your CPU or get better ram with tighter timings. There's nothing else you can do about that on faf.

Other option is to try out the loud project which while I'm not fan of does a good job at making the simulation thread faster though pays for it in few other areas.

@bisky37 you should be able see the currend sim speed on the scoreboard or if you hit F11. my 5600x also isn't able to run a high rated setons replay on +0 towards the end.

But just be aware that the whole game runs as slow as the slowest cpu in the game.