Adaptiv map Option bug?

Hi, everyone,

I am currently working on a map which has the dimensions 10x20. If I want to activate the adaptive options, the map is converted into a 20x20 map. Can someone tell me whether I have to or can change the point in the map - skript.lua? If so, I haven't found the point yet.

The shrinking of the map is done by script. When you enable adaptive maps it overwrites the script. You'll have to add this line to your script file:

    ScenarioFramework.SetPlayableArea('AREA_1' , false)

It should be in the OnStart function. Make sure to check if the name of the area is correct - you can see that in the editor. The false flag ensures the voice over doesn't trigger.

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Hello Jip, once again a big thank you for your quick response.