Game version 3731


A few small bug fixes introduced by the previous patches and changes to the default scoreboard. I am also wondering - should the patch notes be this technical / descriptive?

@DDDX You can release your map now - the teleportation fix is in here (#3636).

Game version 3731 (30th of December, 2021)

### Features
 - Improve scoreboard (#3633)
    Adds the share conditions to the scoreboard. Adds tooltip for 
    the share condition, explaining what it means. Adds information 
    to the share condition tooltip on how to find the remaining 
    game options. Adds a tooltip for the map name to include the
    map description. The replay ID can be found in the map description.

    This last one is a bit unintuitive, but the replay ID is 99% of the time
    not relevant information. It would take up UI space if we'd just put 
    it there regardless. 

    Once the map generator is updated the settings used to generate
    the map are set as its map description. That way you can view those
    settings in game when required.

### Bug fixes
 - Fix filtering insignificant units (#3636)
    We made the assumption that categories.INSIGNIFICANTUNIT
    was not widely used by mods. This was wrong - hence we still
    introduced a new category specifically for units that inherit the
    DummyUnit class. These units should not be reachable by code
    as they are not a typical unit - they lack all the functions you'd

    Fixes (for example) the anti teleporting mechanic of Blackops.

 - Update initialisation files (#3637)
    Allows loading `kyros.nxt` on the regular branch. Adds 
    proper checks on the extension of maps / mods instead to
    prevent loading in rar / zip / scd files as mods. Improves
    debugging information: as an example when something is
    excluded the user is informed through the log. Introduces
    the removal of incompatible shaders. Incompatible here 
    means shaders of previous versions of FAF.

### Other
 - Revert "Snowflakes in lobby (#3615)" (#3634)
    Removes the snow flakes from the lobby.

### Contributors
 - Emperor_Penguin (#3633)
 - Jip (#3634, #3637, #3633, #3636)

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