Make Client Download All Maps in List Before Matching

There is an issue about match making: some ladder matches will just stuck at "setting up automatch" forever. One of the reason is that some player do not have the map so they need to download that specific map before starting the game. FAF download server is very slow in some regions in the world (especially Asia and Oceania), so this will make other players wait for them for ~1 mins. However, if some one cancels the match during the process, other players will have to wait indefinitely for nothing. To mitigate this issue, can we let the FAF client download all maps in the match-making list before entering into the queue? This will make match-making faster and less undeterministic.

This is not done at the moment because the download speed from the server can be variable for all people and so forcing all downloads before queuing could cause many people to not be able to queue

@sheikah I think it's exactly the opposite. If the downloading speed is fast, it's good to queue without downloading because downloading a single map will just take a few seconds so it is fine to let other players wait. However, if the downloading speed is very slow, other players will lose patience and just cancel the game and queue for another one. This is especially true for the new 4v4 match-making. Too many games were canceled this way.

The downloading of maps process is probably not a big portion of the disconnects. Most of them are caused by connection issues between players

Beyond that, I imagine it solves nothing with how map gen maps need to be generated and given out to people which also take much longer than any authored map.

What about a warning message if you join a queue and dont have all the maps downloaded so you can choose to download them all first? Even if map downloads are only a small proportion of matchmaking failures it’d still be good to reduce the % further.

Some kind of UI in the autolobby would be nice so it's possible to tell if somebody's downloading or generating a map, or who's already ready.

A lot of that is not really possible to do in the autolobby as it happens before FA is even started.