Turning off auto kick on disconnection


I usually play custom private games with a friend of mine, and while our respective internet connections are usually pretty solid, we might have occasional disconnections. Usually these disconnections might be no more than 10 seconds long, but the game will need much longer (perhaps a couple of minutes) to reconnect for whatever reason.

This happened to us earlier today, where we disconnected and then reconnected, and were talking on voice chat waiting for the game to resume. However, what I believe is a new setting (disconnection delay) automatically kicked us out after 180 seconds and ended a game that had been going for the better part of an hour. I don't see any option to turn this auto kick off in the game options. Is there any other way to turn it off?


The auto kicking feature itself is not new - it is just made explicit with the lobby option. I could add an option that removes the auto reject all together.

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Yes having that as an option would be great, thanks!