Statistics resettet (complete clean)


i wasnt online for a couple of weeks, because i changed my location and was busy doing other stuff. When i logged in in my new flat, i saw that my account was completly resettet. Anyone knwo how this happend or how i can back my old numbers? BTW: its so important for me, because as a grey you get kind of "discriminated".

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We removed the 'grey' factor to prevent the 'discrimination' that you're referring to. I don't know why your statistics are reset however.

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Did you switch accounts? The replay vault shows that the @Caedmon account never participated in a match during all of October 2018 through Nov 2021.

My guess is, earlier this year, before you moved, you were logging in with a different FAF account.

i think not, or is it possible to have more than one account with one email?

I'm not exactly sure what you think your account was before, but you only played ~10 games this months and before that ~20 months in 2016 (all of them extreme wars so unrated).
There is nothing that could have been resetted...

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Check your local replays folder

Open a replay from two months ago

See what usernames are in it. One of those names was the one you were using.