My 1v1 ranked games have been disconnecting

I have found that a certain number of my 1v1 ranked games have been disconnecting (although I am still connected to the Internet) and there is no way to stop this when I am "forced" to eject the opponent when the disconnect timer runs at 1 minute 30 seconds? It turns out that I return back to the lobby and I find that I am still inside the game (strangely enough)? The result is a loss to which I have not even tried to disconnect in any way.

Would there be any possible way to fix this issue?

It could be that they have a spotty internet or you do? Shouldnt be too much of an issue tbh. just keep playing and you should be fine unless its a you issue

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My internet connection is fine but I guess that it is only an issue when I connect to certain players and regions? My games are all right about 90% of the time but when that happens then I guess that it is just bad luck?

This issue has occurred again yesterday for me and I have noticed that I have disconnected from the multiplayer chat from the matchmaking tab. Could this be the reason why I have also disconnected from the game without any chance of reconnecting back? The strange part is that everything else is working fine but I am not able to search for another game (and I have to restart the FAF client to search again - which will result in an instant loss for nothing).

Can you send me an ice adapter log?

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Could I know how I could go about doing that?

I have tried to change internet service provider and I shall see if that helps.

You can find the log directory in the top left of the client. Just send me the ice adapter log of a game im question via pm.

Having issues with connectivity / ICE? Talk to me.

I have changed internet service provider and it went well for about 15 games.
The problem has then occured today again.
I will post the game log in the next few comments.

This post is deleted!

I have tried to post the game log but it is too lengthy.
I will try to find you when you are online.