New mod: "AutoReclaim (dwm)"

I've made and uploaded to the Vault a variant of the AutoReclaim mod originally written by Mavr390. This mod adds T1-3 engineering stations to all factions that auto-reclaim mass from within their build range.

This updated version fixes various issues:

  • Avoid slowdown in the late game by restructuring logic to not leak threads.
  • Attempt to automatically capture units that wander into range.
  • Attempt to automatically eat live enemy units that aren't capturable.
  • Fix regression where operation/upgrade of Aeon, UEF, and Seraphim towers breaks.
  • Add more comments.

The Aeon, UEF, and Seraphim construction towers do present some minor cosmetic issues, but this version is otherwise functional.

Hi dwm!!!
Great work!!!
Thanx for improving the code. Really started to work better !!!