Quick and Fire shorts needed for FAFLive!


I'm looking for short clips of the game (think 10 - 15 seconds long, I will take shorter videos thou) in which we can see really cool gameplay. Imagine like a lot of units fighting or some big explosion happening or something that looks very smooth (like ASF flying or a massive experimental moving towards an enemy army). Maybe a lab dodging shots or an ACU moving forward could work too. Feel free to bring anything that's in-game and looks cool to you!

If you aren't experienced with cinematics or creating cool angles, don't worry! I'll take anything! You can use Streamlabs OBS or OBS to record for free (or any recording program you want).

I heavily recommend the cinematic mod and dear windowing mod by Jip. You just need to press ctrl+2 to make all the UI disappear and if you press ctrl+v and then hold spacebar, you can change your angle!

Here is a test of where I have still images but I want to make the background be gameplay footage! I've also managed to implement music (after like the first 2min of the stream, you'll see the FAF music)


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