What ?? do you have link where i can download please

Yeah, the mod vault.

@FtXCommando i got steam version but the is no workshop for mods ((

@FtXCommando i got it, thanks

@Tolsti4ok we are not steam. We are a community that has built its own version of the game with a client that you can play it with online.


yes but i need steam version to play here yes ??

yes. you do.

FAF plugs into steam version of FA. but you have to run FAF client not FA from steam.

also on FAF you have multipliers for all AIX that you can set like so :

Screenshot from 2020-09-27 11-42-21.png

Screenshot from 2020-09-27 11-42-39.png

by default you'll have a ton of different AIs to try out including variants of the vanilla AI but also A whole bunch of versions of Sorian AI.

but in FAF you can go to the vault tab and search for "AI" :
Screenshot from 2020-09-27 11-45-19.png

the pertinent ones are (by order of quality/importance) :

  • "AI-Uveso"
  • "AI-Swarm"
  • "Dilli AI"
  • "RNG AI"
  • and "micro AI"

and then you'll have 7 different kinds of AI, with 43 total variants

Set the cheat factor lower.

@tatsu THANKS A MILLION checking them right noWW

no problem my man 😄