NVIDIA Glitch fix didn't work


Please help me, I have tried everything I can think of and have read about and nothing works to make FAF playable. I have deleted and reinstalled, I have tried the "Fix Patch". Ive rolled back my drivers and nothing fixes this stutter glitch. Can anyone help me so I can get back to playing this game? I have not been able to play since this glitch popped up the first time and tried to with no luck to fix it back then.

Thanks boys and girls in advance.

Any mods, and what conditions are you playing under?

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I can't speak to a glitch, but this immediately fixed my lag; Open the Services menu (list of gear icons) and disable 'Nvidia Display Container LS'.

@immortal-d said in NVIDIA Glitch fix didn't work:

Nvidia Display Container LS

Thank you a lot - this helped me to boost my MX330 in the Thinkpad.