4v4 TMM Map List WIP - Community Feedback Welcome


On the list there is Madness -6-with the comment:

"Spawns are not odd-even + terrain issues in the middle of the map."

This is one of my maps. I've just uploaded a new version to fix this.

  • Spawns are odd vs even now
  • Middle heightmap has been redone so there shouldn't be any terrain issues anymore. There is a lot more building space now.
  • In addition, some textures and decals have been placed on the main mountains, to give a visual clue to where the edge of the mountain is.

On the Discord channel, I also submitted another map: Madness -2-.

Changes for that map are:

  • Lighting and textures have been redone to make the map darker
  • A pool has been placed on the main island as a place for commanders to hide with low HP
  • Some mex spots on the main island have been placed closer to sea, to promote naval play of main island players
  • A couple of decals have been placed

Please send me a PM on these forums if you have comments.

Check out my maps here:

Madness 1 - 9