Unofficial tournaments should be allowed on the forums


So, if someone with no official FAF TD experience wants to organize a tournament on FAF, is it required to get your approval to post about it on the forums?


That is right.


+1 to OP. Unofficial tournies should just be able to run as unofficial tournies.
Would also increase diversity of tourny type.


Yeah, the current rules are basically what I thought they were then. So, I still support the idea in the OP. Also, that's a good point about increasing tournament diversity, Psions.


Is it really an obstacle?

Tournaments that are run should follow the guidelines anyway. Wouldn't it be easy to show the structure to FTX (or anyone for that matter) and then post?


@Emperor_Penguin said in Unofficial tournaments should be allowed on the forums:

As I understand it, tournaments have to be vetted/approved by FTX

Do you have ze papers?

Tournaments typically required an experienced TD to act as an assistant to anyone wanting to host a tournament. This was around long before my time too.

This is so:
A: you have a backup if you mess something up
and B: so you cannot flake out and annoy people who cleared their schedule to play.

I don't see why we should change this under the case that FtX is a nazi.


I actually made the rule less strict because the extra TD at the time of the tourney is kinda needless really. You can always discord message somebody or ask a guy on the client that is online and has hosted a tourney before. If that fails, working it out yourself is also fine.

That’s why I review the rules, to stop arbitrary retardstomping by new TDs that accidentally forgot to include a rule on share condition and now need to decide whether that 40 minute sentons game counts as a game or not.

Or why having a double elim bracket with BO3s in the bottom bracket is going to be a bad time.

If the foundation is good, the TD can’t really do much harm himself.


If that's the case then just draft a google doc form that people have to fill out for a tourny, and then you check its completed fully, and it gets posted on the tournies subforum.

The whole process is streamlined with minimal involvement and minimal requirements and it avoids problems such as "forgetting" to include certain rules. The rules will only be as listed on the forum post.

And if you are scared about "poor" TD managers, then if a TD flakes, just ban them from hosting future TD or have a strike system. Do it post the fact, not before.

If there is any prizepool for the tourny (obviously a different case scenario) then to streamline it and avoid fraud, organise a centralised system for this, such as all tourny funds going into the FAF or a subcompany account and is managed by FA staff,. in fact I think potentially battlefly already offers this.


No, current system is fine thanks


I think there is a hidden reason for the obstruction of unofficial tournaments. we just need to figure out how to notify everyone without using the forum)


Feel free. You will get no avatars, you will get no FAF funds, you will get no FAF coverage, you won’t be on the FAF tourney page, and you will get no FAF news coverage.

Oh yeah I dropped my smiley