Remove uploaded mods

So I recently uploaded my first mod and I had a few mistakes in it. So I tried fixing it and messed that up again. The end result: I uploaded 4 versions of the same mod with minor differences. Is there a way to manage uploaded mods? If not can someone with access just remove Advanced Strategic Icons XL and all the versions up to V2? Thank you.

I think it’s still being debated whether people can just upload variations of that mod in the first place since it potentially breaks the license of the mod. So you might get all those versions hidden/deleted.

as it stands now i have hidden v1 through 3 for a breach in naming convention the version number should not be in the name, you need to update advanced strategic icons xl with version 3

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just spoke with the creative councillor unless you have permission from the original author all of them will need to be taken down from the vault you can continue to use them privately it's a ui mod so a vault upload isn't need for it to work on your end anyway

Vault Admin / Creative Team / Map Guru

Sadly I don't ahve contact with the original creator, just saw a few requests online for it and I needed it too. That's why I uploaded it. So I guess it needs to be taken down... Unless someone still has contact with Maxareuos.

I tried contacting him earlier this Monday - still awaiting a reply.

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