Kyro's lobby - updated

Updated this so it would work with any UI scaling, with other misc changes.

Also added additional buttons to change Share Mode and Balance without going into options menu.

For those who've never used it, it's simply shows the Teams separated into two columns with each team rating and game count to more easily see the balancing.

there is a drop drop down menu with different sort options so the proper opposing slots are matched up. This unfortunately will not line up slots perfectly in all maps, but it still makes it easier to balance the teams if not the slots.

It reverts to default single column for non team games, or if you disable it from Team Sorting Menu. It will also do so for Survival Games.

Readme.txt has more details on install, and other changes. Click the the download button in upper right to download the zip file.

Nov 27th - added quick swap from current patch and other misc changes

Dec 22th - renamed file to kyros.nxt to work with new patch

May 8th - 2022 - currently works. added in what I could from current lobby.

Sep 9th - 2022 - Survival Maps with unusual Team placement would fail to load. Disables for any survival maps. Now also saves Map AutoTeams setting.

Septh 11th - 2022 - Moved Magnify Down so it doesn't block corner slot. Added Different Languages where able.

hi, since last faf update, kyro lobby mod isn't working anymore

yes, it won't work anymore, because file system is fixed and there are no allowed other files to use...

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— Steve Jobs.
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too bad, it was so much better

There is another way to do it. I'll get around to adding file.

Edit. you can redownload using the link. Read the readme carefully.

Creative 🙂

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

works fine, thanks

very creative, but now they don't work Advanced strategic icons...

I'll add a separate exception for this extension:

This will be live this week, I can't say when because I'm quite a bit busy myself.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

I saw somewhere else that you could name it texturepack.nxt but i didn't try it myself.

@macdeffy You can now name it kyros.nxt - it is accepted with the patch we just released. Please update your guide to prevent confusion. Note that this doesn't mean FAF officially supports the custom lobby - it is still up to its maintainer to keep it compatible.

If anyone is interested in improving the lobby - please contact me. There is no need to work on a custom lobby if you can just improve the actual lobby that ships with the game.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

I'll change it on my end in the meantime. It was my intention to try and port just the layout portion to the regular lobby. I have copied all the new code to kyros where applicable, but properly improving the code or maintaining it to a high enough standard is beyond me.

Majority of backend is same as current lobby, but chat code and layout obviously differs greatly.

Hopefully someone with the proper skillset will take it over, as all i can do is keep it functional since i don't consider myself a developer.

it seems that the change has not taken effect yet. kyros.nxt does not load. texturepack.nxt works though.

thank you very much! it worked!

@macdeffy what about creating a github repository for collaboration? I think, it would be great, if anyone can take part in the development 🙂
Maybe it shoud be organization like FAForever. If someone from the base team disappears indefinitely or abandon the project, this will allow the continued support of the mod, until there is at least one member left who can accept changes to the repository.

FAF does not Officially Support Kyro's Lobby

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@Rowey it's not question for FAF Team... Interested community can support this alternative lobby.

then you need to see it the original creator allows for the code to be added to a git repo & allows for it to be altered with the correct Licensing

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock

I'm not really the best person to maintain this anyway. When orig creator didn't update for new UI scaling, i just did it on my own for my own purposes through trial and error. What needs to happen is for someone who knows Lua to rethink Similar functionality with new code that fits the actual Lobby code, so there is no issue with rights.

Jip also has a point that this has too much code to vet, and it's not really a priority when you can just manually add it.

I'm convinced there is a better method for aligning slots for instance, but couldn't figure it out myself.

@macdeffy I can add some features into lobby through PRs if needed. However i would recommend not use this lobby mod anymore because it causes problems for others when host has it. It also has tons of bugs, so, just leave it and improve main lobby...

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”
— Steve Jobs.
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