Kyro's lobby - updated


Updated this so it would work with any UI scaling, with other misc changes.

Also added additional buttons to change Share Mode and Balance without going into options menu.

Player color menu will only show available colors that are still left, because that annoyed me.

For those who've never used it, it's simply shows the Teams separated into two columns with each team rating and game count to more easily see the balancing.

there is a drop drop down menu with different sort options so the proper opposing slots are matched up. This unfortunately will not line up slots perfectly in all maps, but it still makes it easier to balance the teams if not the slots.

It reverts to default single column for non team games, or if you disable it from Team Sorting Menu.

Readme.txt has more details on install, and other changes. Click the the download button in upper right to download the zip file.

October 12th - Updated for Icon Mod Support